In Harmony with Nature - Comvita’s Sustainability Initiatives

Harnessing the power of nature, all of Comvita’s natural products are made with the wellness of the Earth in mind. From the honey bees, to the Manuka trees, to the land and water, we work in harmony with nature, employing sustainable practices that honor both people and planet to bring our customers the best Manuka Honey in the world. Comvita’s top-tier quality standards mean peace of mind for anyone enjoying a golden spoonful.

Read more below about our sustainability initiatives and goals that support a better future for all:

7 Million Trees Planted

Since 2016, Comvita has planted trees in New Zealand to enhance biodiversity and restore native ecosystems. Throughout New Zealand, regenerative agriculture programs (including areas planted by Comvita) have prioritized planting Manuka trees in damaged or depleted land areas. For farmers, planting Manuka trees helps maintain the soil. Near waterways, the Manuka tree also helps prevent erosion, with, in one study*, 65% fewer storm-related landslides over a 10-year period. It’s all in the name of creating more pesticide-free, wild and untouched spaces for both plants and bees to thrive. Learn more about the importance of the beloved Manuka tree here. (PDF)


17 Million Bees Rescued

In partnership with skilled, local beekeepers in the United States, Comvita will have helped rescue 17 Million bees by the end of 2022. Learn more about our honey bee rescue partnerships and activation here.


100% sustainable packaging by 2025

Our packaging is recyclable and BPA free. We’re aiming to have 100% of our packaging recyclable, reusable, or compostable by 2025.


2 tons of plastic eliminated

In an effort to make our company even more eco-friendly, we eliminated the use of 2 Tons of plastic from our business in 2021.


Carbon positive by 2030

We’re aiming to be carbon positive by 2030, including major investments in carbon reduction initiatives.


9,146 tCO2e Carbon removed from the atmosphere

We’ve removed 9,146 tCO2e carbon (and counting) from planting millions of Manuka trees in New Zealand.


Powered by the sun

For a more sustainable use of energy, 27% of the power at our New Zealand headquarters comes from clean, renewable solar energy.

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